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Top 5 Places To Visit On Your Kenya Safari

Maasai Mara


When it comes to going for a safari while in Kenya the number 1 destination that pops is the famous Maasai Mara. It is the best destination to experience the enchanting wildlife view. A trip that lane is breathtaking and worthwhile. Aside from the wildlife view, the Mara River streams along the Oloololo Escarpment providing a stunning backdrop. The Maasai Mara is also famously known as the destination for the 8th Wonder of the World which is the Wildebeest Migration, a wonder that attracts multitude during its season. This is indeed a must go to safari destination while in Kenya.


Samburu Game Reserve

It is well known that the Samburu region attracts various animals from a far due to the Ewaso Nyiro River that sustains an oasis despite of the arid lava field. Leopards are the most species highly to be spotted in the region. Others include giraffes, elephants, hyenas, zebras and so much more. While in Samburu you will also get to learn about the culture of the region and also experience a view of historical places.



This list will not be complete without the Amboseli. Best known for the amazing Mount Kilimanjaro views Amboseli tops as one of the best safari destination. Imagine just having a early morning with the great view of animals and the Mount Kilimanjaro? Amboseli National Park is where you can do that. There are great camps in the region which offer the opportunity to have a good stay while on your safari.



As the capital city of Kenya, the city under the sun acts as an access point to various destinations and also  has some of the best hotels, animal parks, Museum and so much more. At the start of most itineraries the day usually start in Nairobi let’s say with an overnight stay in one of the hotels and maybe a fun filled day of activities to places such as Giraffe Manor, Karen Blixen Museum and Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage among others.


Mount Kenya

While at Laikipia you can get to experience the view of Mount Kenya and also the enchanting wildlife view from Laikipia National Park which is close by. The scenery is stunning and offers the opportunity to experience agame drives. Asides, you can decide to take a shot at climbing Mount Kenya.


These are just some of the few top safari destinations in Kenya but there are definitely more. If you would like to experience an amazing safari book and travel with us. We guarantee you the best. Email us on