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Some of the Top 4 Amazing and Least Visited Places in Kenya

Kenya is indeed a beautiful country and in it lies some of the most beautiful places to visit while on a vacation. Over the years, Kenya has been a ranked among the top tourist countries in terms of wildlife viewing, the sandy white beaches down at the coast, the beautiful historical sites among other aspects. Of course there are those famous places that people like to visit while in Kenya but also there lies other hidden gems or the least visited but amazing places in Kenya. This article will look at 4 places that are least visited in Kenya and are absolutely amazing.

Shimba Hills

Shimba Hills National Park is located at the Coast it is a small national reserve that offers you a glimpse of sable antelopes and buffalos among other animals. Of course the sight might not be as expansive as that of the Mara but while on your trip to let say Diani beach or others around you can definitely have a ride to Shimba Hills to experience that wild beauty.

Gedi Ruins and Sokoke Forest

Gedi ruins is located North of Mombasa and it is a historical site near the Indian Ocean. While on a tour at the coast you can get to experience the beautiful scenery at the Gedi ruins and just adjacent to it is the Sokoke forest where a view of some of the rare bird species can be seen.

Siawa Swamp National Park

This is definitely one of the smallest National park and you can get to visit while on a trip to Kakamega. It is enclosed by riparian forest which is the best place to be able to view the semi aquatic sitatunga antelope and the de brazza’s monkeys as well as other animals.

Kakamega Forest

Kakamega Forest is one of the least visited places that can offer an amazing wildlife view. If you would like to experience a game drive away from the usual plains then Kakamega Forest can be a good start. Aside from offering an amazing primate viewing it is indeed the destination to spot butterflies with over 320 species.


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